Cut Hill Distillery

Cut Hill Distillery
Monday - Thursday
12:30pm - 5.00pm
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Cut Hill Distillery

Cut Hill Distillery was founded by highly motivated beverage industry professionals. We share mutual passions, aspirations, and a drive to add our own distinct contribution to the wonderful world of whisky.

Our vision for Cut Hill Distillery is to produce whisky that will be admired, which builds on the foundations of classic Australian whisky, and paves the way for generations to come.

Australia’s whisky history dates back to 1820. It was a booming industry between 1894 and 1960, with millions of litres of local single malt and blends produced each year.

Cut Hill Distillery is committed to exploring our Australian whisky roots, tapping into the history books, and evolving the traditions of old. A combination of old-world techniques and modern technology will form the basis of our whisky production, creating a contemporary take on a classic style.

Why Cut Hill?
In 1868 Jabez Grimble was commissioned for an ambitious project to make the descent into Victor Harbor safer, via Cut Hill. Stone was carved out of Cut Hill and laid to form a retaining wall without the use of lime or mortar. It is a wall admired around the world for its engineering and execution.

Fast forward over 150 years and the road now offers safe passage to Cut Hill Distillery’s 40-acre property in Hindmarsh Valley and to Victor Harbor.


Key Facilities
Opening Hours
Open weekends from 11.30 to 4pm
What's of offer
Wine tastings and wood fire oven pizzas
Located in Mount Jagge, justb a few minutes from central Victor Harbor
What else
Check out their website for events
When to go
In the summer, you can sit on the grass outside while in winter, enjoy the warmth of the indoor fireplace
What we love
Amazing wine, friendly hospitality and gorgeous views over the vineyards


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